Back to School Beauty Therapy

Most look forward to a downsized summer schedule, but by this time, we are looking forward to getting back to a solid routine. If you are sending kids back to school, sending kids off to college, or going off to college yourself, it’s a great time to get back on track. It is sort of a secondary New Year with resolutions to eat better, exercise more, de-clutter, take control of things and generally get back on track after the laid back un-structured dog days of summer and summer travel.

Case in point. Karen from the Makeup and Beauty Blog [Instagram @karenmbb] sent her first child off to pre-school last week. She proudly sent her little girl into the classroom, left her and bravely walked to the parking lot; she cried and then went home and cleaned out her freezer as therapy. As I said, a time to get back to it and take control. Most of us can relate...

Onto our Beauty Therapy ~ For beauty items, it is a great time to take stock of what you have. Our skin changes over time, styles of makeup change, shades and finishes go in and out of popularity, and innovations in formulas can make some of your products obsolete. First, pitch old and expired products; that’s the easy part. Now here is the therapy part; consider the products you are not using and make an unsure pile. Really consider these products; if they have been in your arsenal too long and you really do not use them, pitch them. But if you are still on the fence, and can’t bear to get rid of them, add it to your “makeup graveyard.” You all know what I am talking about - every woman has one. Place these items in the makeup graveyard in a dated zip storage bag. The clock is ticking and they have one year to be there. If you have not used these items in an entire year, pitch those too. I get it ladies; those of us that are makeup enthusiasts/collectors become very close to our makeup collections and it is so hard to get rid of anything. But be brave, and do some pitching into that garbage can, and literally lighten your load. (Remember, the holidays are fast approaching and there will be new collections with must-have items that will replace these old ones lol!)

Here is another good suggestion. It is easy to get stuck into your daily makeup routine, but now is a great time to try out some new makeup looks. Hit up some YouTube videos to get some application ideas for the products you already have. Also some of those existing products may be great multi-taskers ~ like the hack with white mattifying powder. Not only is it great to give your skin a nice finish, but it will completely meld with any lip shade to matte it out. Search out videos for other great multi-tasking ideas and consider how some of your products can perform double duty in your makeup routine.

As always we wish you only great things. Take care of yourself; sit back, relax, and enjoy life when you have a few moments. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @microbeautyessentials and @microbeautyfounder to stay on top of what we are up to.

Happy Back to School,

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