Giving You Mini Makeup!

Smart portable beauty products have never been more important. We are driven by an active, fast-paced, tech-heavy lifestyle, where being "selfie-ready" at all times reigns supreme. At Micro Beauty Essentials, we made it our mission to empower those on the go by formulating and designing our exclusive mini-size cosmetics for a modern, convenient “anytime anywhere” beauty experience.

No matter who you are, at one point or another, most of us have the need to take our makeup on the go. Kendall Jenner (Estee Lauder model & Kardashian family member) revealed in an interview with Vogue that she has had to bring her makeup on the go and apply it in some pretty strange places. She reported that the strangest place that she has ever applied her makeup was in a porta-potty! While I can say that I haven't done that, I’ve needed smaller makeup products for years ~ for travel, touch-ups, and transitioning from day to evening or from one activity to another. Over the years of various life roles, one thing that was always a commonality for me was that I wanted to look my best, so I was bound and determined to do just that, no matter where life would take me.

When I traveled or wanted handy portable makeup, I didn’t have enough room to carry the variety of makeup that I wanted in full-size, so I was forced to buy pricey travel products, so I usually made my own mini-size products. This is second nature to me because I have a lifelong obsession with mini-size items of all types. Need a pair of mini scissors? I have them. Need a mini spray for door hinges, mini bungee cord, or mini bottle opener? Yep, I have that too. Everywhere I go, I am on the lookout for portable mini products. If I’m asked for an item that I don’t have, I put it on a list to get a mini version. Mini obsessed? Just a little lol!

I love makeup, and I have watched the beauty industry change over the years, with many trends that have come and gone. I believe that this is a new day and it has ushered in a new way of thinking. Why do we need to buy a 6 month supply of something when all we really need is enough for 1 month? Micro Beauty is here to offer smaller alternatives to larger full-size products, and lighten the load of daily life. I am fascinated by the versatility that some cosmetics have and how the industry has convinced us that we need single-use products while many cosmetics are “smart products” that offer multiple uses. Our products offer this too.

We are committed to providing mini-size products in lightweight sleek minimalist packaging. With this in mind, we have released our first line, the Micro Bomb Highlighters. These travel-friendly, lip-balm size, multi-purpose, cream color sticks are designed to impart both color and glow for cheeks, lips, eyes, and body. We have released the Vol. 1 trio, with Vol. 2 arriving in November, along with the ultra Micro Bomb 6 Pack with all 6 shades! I love these multi-use wonders and use them in a variety of ways everyday for my makeup ~ I am excited to make these handy color sticks available to you as well.

I am thrilled to share our vision. This company is a labor of love as this was something that I needed personally for years and I can finally bring it to you and the rest of the world. Thanks to everyone for their support of this indie beauty brand as we bring a different way of thinking about portable beauty.

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All the Best, Sharon Simpson, Founder

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