Our brand

We know life doesn't stop for anyone, so we’ve set out on a mission to empower those always on the go. With lovingly crafted beauty products designed for portable use, Micro Beauty pushes forward with a spirit of innovation, following in life’s adventures.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to a smart, modern approach to compact-and-portable unique beauty products that are cruelty free and vegan friendly, giving an “anytime, anywhere” beauty experience for all. 


“Micro Beauty is proud to be leading the charge of advancing this new idea of ‘micro sized’ beauty products.   We all deserve to have this smart, innovative choice that lightens our life-load to allow for more flexibility and fun.”  – Sharon Simpson, Founder and CEO


Sharon's Story   

Sharon has a lifelong obsession with mini size items of all types. Need a pair of mini scissors? She has them. Need a mini silicone spray for door hinges, mini bungee cord, or mini bottle opener? Yep, she has that too. Everywhere she goes, she is always on the lookout to grow her very large collection of mini-items – because someday, somewhere, someone is going to need something, and she’s gonna have it.


While vacationing at a theme park she ran into another woman that had a similar “mini obsession” and there ensued the famous “Bag-Off.” Sharon had run out of dental floss from her mini floss pack and the other woman said, I have some right here. Sharon then challenged the women asking, “Well do you have a mini sewing kit?”

Sure enough the woman pulled it out of her purse. They each emptied their bags trying to one up each other with their load of mini items. The small crowd that had formed were laughing and cheering because they couldn’t believe that they had just witnessed a mini showdown.

When it came to her other life’s love, makeup, she needed to have these in mini sizes too. She likes to have a buffet of options of makeup shades at any given time, so this presented a problem. No one sold mini makeup, so she would collect little jars and put tiny amounts of her makeup products in them so she could have the roughly 30 items that she wanted, wherever she went. This started her journey into making both essential and fun mini makeup items for women on the go.